$1,000 close guarantee

Purchase Mortgage On Time Closing $1000 Guarantee

Amerisave works with only the most dependable and technologically advanced third party agents. Our strict third party provider selection criteria, use of sophisticated loan processing technology, and well-trained loan processing staff allow us to close loans on time.

We are so confident we will close your purchase mortgage loan on time, we back our promise with a $1,000 written guarantee!

The Purchase Mortgage On Time Closing $1000 Guarantee - Details:

Amerisave will work diligently to close your loan on time. To make this possible we will ask for your support throughout the entire loan process. To qualify you will need to do the following:

Provide Amerisave all documentation and information requested within 24 hours of request.

Be responsive to all 3rd party provider requests for information. With all requests for information responded to within 24 hours.

If you select your own closing agent, your agent must provide preliminary title work within 5 days of initial application and be willing to schedule the closing at our requested time.


Provide a copy of the sale contract and the name of the seller and/or selling agent within 24 hours of application.


Provide us with the name and contact information of your buyers' agent, if applicable.


Sell your existing home before the closing date and time, if stipulated in your loan approval.

The Following Terms and Conditions Apply to this Offer:

Loan application must have final underwriting** approval from the lender.


Appraisal appointment must be scheduled within 24 hours of inital contact by appraiser.


Closing date must be at least 30 days (or 45 days for properties located in the following states: MA, VT, OR, ME, MT, OK) from rate lock date or application submission date for floating loans.


Property must appraise at or above the sale price.


Closing dates extended due to a delay in completion of new construction or improvements made to an existing property are ineligible.


If Amerisave fails to close your loan on the closing date determined at application and all of the above requirements have been met, a $1000 credit will be given towards closing costs; loan must close with Amerisave to receive credit.

* All Amerisave guarantees do not apply for customers applying for a mortgage in the state of Washington.

* Please note, the closing date may be readjusted if there is any borrower-initiated change to the details of the loan after the lock. The new closing date will be considered the closing date per the terms of this guarantee.

** Final underwriting approval consists of a thorough review of all income & asset documentation; the property appraisal and the preliminary title report as well as, any other documentation deemed necessary by the underwriter prior to the loan papers being prepared.


on time closing guarantee

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