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Guaranteed Closing Costs in Writing

Many lenders and brokers make promises to their customers that they can not keep. The problem occurs when the customer goes to close the loan and is surprised by additional fees that were not disclosed initially by the lender.

This creates an obvious problem because many customers are not able to pay these additional funds causing them to lose the home that they have spent so much time searching for or lose the rate they had previously locked.

Amerisave guarantees in writing all closing costs that we have control over. The fees you see on our
website ARE the fees you will receive at the time of application AND at closing.

There are some third party fees and government fees that are beyond the control of any lender; however, because Amerisave has closed so many loans in and around your locality we can estimate most fees with high accuracy.

* All Amerisave guarantees do not apply for customers applying for a mortgage in the state of Washington.


Amerisave introduces a straightforward approach to home financing with our new SureFee product. SureFee provides you with the security of knowing that the lender fees on your loan are guaranteed not to change throughout the loan process.

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Take an additional $250 off our guaranteed low closing costs with qualifying applications  dated March 2010.  

Cost guarantee with our one SureFee.